Busta Rhymes – Turn Me Up Some (Produced by J Dilla)

2002 J Records

Birthday kid Busta Rhymes and Dilla were a unimaginable match on the work of art “Turn Me Up Some.”

Today, we commend the birthday of probably the best rapper ever, Busta Rhymes, who turns 49. To pay tribute to the incredible emcee, whose new collection ELE2: The Wrath Of God demonstrated that he’s actually pressing onward, it feels suitable to feature one of his numerous ageless tunes. While Busta has many hit singles to draw from, in some cases looking to the more profound cuts is the move, and his 2002 collection It Ain’t Safe No More is loaded up with such choices.

“Turn Me Up Some” is one of three J Dilla created tracks covering Busta’s 6th studio collection, and every one of the three discover the rapper totally snapping. There is something in particular about Dilla’s fresh and light creation that urges imaginative emcees to tunnel into unforeseen pockets. On this one, Busta settles on his unmistakable nasal rhythm as he lets fly an invasion of fast fire lyricism over Dilla’s spooky science fiction moans. It’s actually the kind of moderate creation that feature’s Busta’s persistent ability as an emcee, and keeping in mind that it may do not have the business allure of a “Make It Clap,” tunes like “Turn Me Up Some” are the fuel that has given the Flipmode heavyweight such energetic life span.

Cheerful birthday, Busta! When was the last time you returned to It Ain’t Safe No More?

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