The Game – Worldwide Summer Vacation

The Game

The Game drops a vibe decent energy for the women on his new single “Overall Summer Vacation.”

The Game has consistently been a rapper who likes a decent excursion. In the first place, he arranged a “California Vacation” on his sophomore collection The Doctor’s Advocate. Presently, he’s coming through with another new single, this time preparing for some globetrotting on “Overall Summer Vacation,” a blustery west-coast bob that might flag an impending venture from the west coast emcee.

Maybe than going down the bar-spitting course, Game decides on a vibe decent energy over a Duke-created instrumental. A direct tribute to the dependable mix of “party and bologna,” “Overall Summer Vacation” is somewhat low-stakes to the extent that lyricism. Generally, he’s praising the classes of women in his day to day existence, a reality featured by the going with music video. “This that Caribana summer march crap, this that ‘young lady screw it up to my ni*ga Drake’ poo,” raps Game. “I know you on your evil presence time, I ain’t gon say poo.”

Search for this one to be remembered for a forthcoming playlist, which is set to highlight a lot of new music from The Game. What’s your opinion about this new bearing for the lyricist?

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