2Chynna – Seasonal Depression Pt. 2


Chynna’s family declares her first after death collection “Medication Opera,” sharing the task’s first single “occasional sorrow pt. 2.”

Last year, Philadelphia rapper Chynna died at 25 years old after an incidental medication glut. Barely one year after the fact, Chynna’s family have reported her first post mortem collection Drug Opera, sharing the primary single “Occasional Depression Pt. 2” all the while.

Over a melancholic and entrancing beat created by Suicideyear and Nedarb, the track regroups, setting a laid-back and pondering energy. Chynna secures with an engaged stream and downplayed lyricism, never raising her voice a long ways past a murmur. As the melody advances, she starts to present new streams, displaying her capacity to lose herself in an instrumental. It will positively be fascinating to hear how “occasional sadness pt. 2” fits inside the more noteworthy story of Drug Opera.

Talking about which, search for Chynna’s first after death collection to arrive on August twentieth.


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