Jenevieve – Résumé

Image via Jenevieve

Jenevieve flaunts the force of her voice on new single “List of references.”

Jenevieve has been displaying gigantic potential actually with a line of dope r&b singles, including the tune “Child Powder” which dropped last year. The 22-year-old vocalist can possibly explode incredibly, and with each new delivery, she can draw in new fans who are amped up for what she may create throughout the next few months and even a long time. On Friday, Jenevieve dropped her most recent exertion “List of qualifications” and it has effectively gotten a success among her fanbase.

The tune has an exceptionally clear summer vibe that is loaded up with flawless r&b interpretations that will quickly intrigue enthusiasts of the class. Concerning the singing, Jenevieve rises above the creation while singing about tragedy and the entirety of the lingering sentiments that can accompany it. Generally, it’s one more stunning exertion from a craftsman who will unquestionably get through into the standard, in due time.

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