G Perico Feat. Remble – Spazz

Image via G Perico

G Perico and Remble show inconceivable science on “Spazz.”

G Perico is a staple of Los Angeles-based hip-jump and with each new delivery, he delivers a sound that is both simple to perceive and simple to get publicity to. Perico has been known to team up with other dope L.A. craftsmen, and that is actually what he did on his latest melody “Spazz” which includes any semblance of Remble.

In this tune, the beat is verifiably Los Angeles as we get this bassy bop that will quickly fill your ears. G Perico and Remble have faultless stream on this tune as they flawlessly trade refrains that are loaded up with amusing verses and a specific strut that is not difficult to perceive. A track will come as an enjoyment to fanatics of the two craftsmen, so make certain to look at it, below.

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