$UICIDEBOY$ – Avalon

2021 G59 Records

$UICIDEBOY$ keeps on making way for their forthcoming collection “The New Normal” with “Avalon.”

$uicideBoy$ are back around with their new single “Avalon,” the most recent contribution from their forthcoming collection The New Normal. This one comes somewhat eliminated from the arrival of “New Profile Pic,” an expectedly creepy banger from Ruby and $crim that harkens back to their Southern horrorcore impacts. That equivalent energy is returned to here, as $crim starts things off with a spooky opening refrain.

“Psycho ward, to the psychological, I’m a Don,” he raps. “Also, the ward has the fifty in my bond/Escaped the square off them Xannys, so I’m quiet.” Contrasting his breezy and melodic rhythm is the immediate methodology of Ruby Da Cherry, who goes for the zeal in his initial bars. “Make these bitches insane, better believe it they generally tryna date me,” he raps. “Tryna save me, it’s all since I suck her titties like a child.” Overall, it’s another strong drop from the team, and in light of what we’ve heard up until now, The New Normal is turning out to be very encouraging without a doubt.

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