Toni Soleil Feat. Luh Kel – Cheated

Image via Toni Soleil

Toni Soleil and Luh Kel come through with a r&b two part harmony on “Cheated.”

Toni Soleil has been taking actions in the r&b space lately and with each new delivery, fans can see the development in her music and narrating. With the mid year practically here, many are searching for those r&b tracks that will set the energy for the hotter months, and Soleil’s new track “Cheated” with Luh Kel positively presents an extraordinary defense for itself.

The melody sees Soleil and Luh Kel going to and fro over their fanciful relationship. Soleil has undermined her accomplice and she feels cheerful about this is a result of all that he has done to her previously. She’s viably taking the force back in the relationship all while disclosing to her accomplice that he shouldn’t be frantic at her for getting payback. Generally speaking, the two specialists put in strong exhibitions and on the off chance that you’ve never looked at Toni Soleil’s music, this moment is a decent opportunity to do as such.

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