Ransom Feat. Lloyd Banks – Gluttony

Momentum Entertainment

Payment and Lloyd Banks channel John Doe from “Se7en” on their bar-weighty new two part harmony “Greedy.”

Anyone who recollects David Fincher’s exemplary film Se7en can probably review the abhorrent opening homicide scene. Obviously, Ransom and Lloyd Banks do, having rethought it for the fine art of their new two part harmony “Avarices.” Perhaps fitting, as the two emcees continue to gradually kill the track with a consistent eating routine of many bars, a trace of the shocking franticness to come on Ransom’s impending SE7EN mixtape.

Over a background bound by V DON and NLCK, who evoke a creepy mix of pianos and blast bap drums, Ransom sets it off. “It’s finally, there’s consistently an assessment when n***as question mine,” he raps. “I shoot amazing from three, and they say you missed from the foul-line/I become ill with these foul lines, the shotty delete your considerations and victory minds.” Banks labels in to hammer the nail into the casket, getting ready for COTI with an angry section. “Castle to bring my little girls up in,” he raps, preparing a quick fire stream. “Tread carefully for the screws I’m missin’/team conditions, barely any crashes/turn your square for strange notion.”

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