Patrick Paige II Feat. Westside McFly – Big Plays

Patrick Paige II

Just making BIG plays.

Patrick Paige II just dropped off If I Fail Are We Still Cool? also, the venture is being hailed as perhaps the best undertaking of the year. The undertaking blends soul, rap, hip-jump, R&B, and pop adequately. There’s a tad of something for everybody on this one. One of the fan top picks on the collection is “Large Plays,” highlighting Westside McFly.

A leap instrumental involved a fun synth and energized percussions will make you gesture your head in fulfillment. Paige ventures onto the track with a wiped out stream, weaving his words around the irregular drums. The chorale is amped and promotion, which is viable at stalling it out at your head. Turn “Large Plays” up noisy.

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