MadGic – Raddest Dad


The two are supposed to be dealing with an undertaking despite the fact that Logic recently reported his retirement.

Parenthood has been treating Logic well and the resigned rapper has gotten back with another track. At the last part of last month, we got the main single from MadGic, the champion joint effort among Logic and Madlib. The pair conveyed “Mars Only Pt. 3,” and as fans gobbled up all that they were serving, general society has been anticipating more data in regards to their task. On Friday (May 21) evening, MadGic reemerged with one more single “Raddest Dad” that has a cover craftsmanship that shows Logic with his child.

Following the arrival of No Pressure back in July 2020, Logic fans were genuinely sure that the rapper would follow through on his revelation that he was stopping his Rap profession. Notwithstanding, when Logic plunked down for a meeting in September 2020, he conceded that he and Madlib had been speaking and in case there was any individual who could yank him out of retirement, it would need to be the commended maker.

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