Mach Hommy Feat. Westside Gunn – Murder Czn


Mach Hommy and Westside Gunn trade bars on “Appeal to God For Haiti.”

It seemed like it wouldn’t have occurred however Mach-Hommy and Westside Gunn at long last crushed their quarrel last year. In the course of recent years, the connection between the two rappers experienced a fracture however they’ve settled their inclinations and continued with the arrival of Pray For Haiti. The most recent collection from Mach Hommy showed up under the Griselda engrave with highlights from Keisha Plum, Tha God Fahim, and obviously, FlyGod, himself.

The two associate over Camouflage Monk’s snazzy creation on “Murder Czn” which opens up with Mach Hommy discussing whether he’d uncover Hov’s useful tidbits that he imparted to him. Westside Gunn’s articulate, more straightforward stream is supplemented by Mach-Hommy’s profound tunes that he sprinkles on the snare.

Check Westside Gunn and Mach-Hommy’s collab beneath.

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