Fredo Bang – Slow Roll It

Via YouTube

Fredo Bang is back with another.

Mallet Rouge’s own Fredo Bang is on a sluggish ascent to the top, in all seriousness. The arrival of “Top (Remix)” ft Lil Durk put a monstrous focus on his name yet with each undertaking, he keeps on demonstrating that his dulcet tunes are the way to making genuine songs of devotion. With summer around the bend, apparently he has a record fitting for the occasions with his new delivery, “Moderate Roll It.” Breezy guitar harmonies and heartfelt vocal examples converge for an affection tune, of sorts, where Fredo Bang subtleties his adoration life and room dreams.

The rapper just delivered “Oppanese” recently and started the year off with In The Name Of Gee (Still Most Hated). Peep the most recent from Fredo Bang underneath.

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