Father – Shit Got Old, Got Sick

Image via Father

Father communicates how quick he gets exhausted on “Poo Got Old, Got Sick.”

Father has consistently been one of those specialists who wouldn’t fret ridiculing himself in his music. He’s likewise been known to come through for certain amusing bars and his fellowship with Zack Fox is an exhibition of the kind of humor we can generally expect from him. On his most recent track “Crap Got Old, Got Sick,” that humor is on full presentation as we see Father adopt a casual strategy to connections and subjects encompassing sex.

All through the tune, we get some hallucinogenic creation that sticks around toward the back and helps upgrade the murmured autotuned vocals that are coming from Father. From that point, the craftsman raps about a young lady whose sexual ability just isn’t chipping away at him any longer, and presently, he is hoping to continue on. Generally, it’s a lowkey track and it’s a strong exertion that you can stream, beneath.


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