EarthGang – Aretha

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EarthGang drop off another essence of “Ghetto Gods” with “Aretha,” a fun and intelligent track from the Dreamville couple.

EarthGang’s Ghetto Gods is coming, and the Dreamville couple has come through to deliver “Aretha,” another single from the impending task. Establishing the vibe is a fun and moderate instrumental from Yudu Gray and Johnny Venus, who likewise has the pleasure of dealing with the initial section. “‘Choices’ dropped, scarcely made a sound, damn,” he spits. “I surmise we let Nas and Cole down/Quarter mil’ was the bill, harden your skin up/Failure is craftsman advancement.”

What’s more, that is just the initial plan, as Olu continues to shoot a staggering section; however his fast fire stream is great in itself, the verses are what truly sparkle. Spot regroups, getting a smooth pocket. “Wish a ni*ga would, can hardly wait to shoot/still screw 12 and Dylann Roof,” he raps. “More sections, less meetings/This what I’m dependent on, this all I’m focused on.”

Look at the Gang’s “Aretha,” a promising indication of what’s to come on Ghetto Gods, and sound off with your contemplations in the remarks beneath.

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