COLOM81AN -Just Us


Rising craftsman COLOM81AN is back with an exotic new track.

Assuming you’re a fanatic of finding R&B acts in their beginning phases, help yourself out and try COLOM81AN out. The rising craftsman has an affinity for mixing elective R&B and Hip-Hop soundscapes together, and his new single, named “Just Us,” is a perfect representation of his hybrid potential. Opening with the melodic culling of a guitar, “Just Us” quickly advances into an all out exotic section, making for a sound that is suggestive of craftsmen like Bryson Tiller, Tory Lanez, and their counterparts.

Loaded up with beguiling verses, “Just Us” discovers COLOM81AN making a lot of extreme guarantees, from flying an adoration interest out to Dubai to booking them a private suite. However, as the rising craftsman clarifies in the tune’s ensemble, he’s more about activity than talking, and as the tune advances you can hear the extreme feeling in COLOM81AN’s taking off vocals.

Stream COLOM81AN’s smooth new single “Only Us” beneath, and get more to know the rising craftsman by looking at his new Donato-helped single “Slope” here.

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