Cico P – See Me

Image via Cico P

Jacksonville craftsman Cico P is taking huge actions in the music business.

Emerging from Jacksonville, Texas, 23-year-old craftsman Cico P has been taking some huge actions in the music business. The artist lyricist has been displaying his abilities with a variety of new singles and as of late, his track “Tampa” wound up becoming famous online on TikTok, which permitted him to develop his profile at a fast speed. Presently, he is back with another melody called “See Me” which endeavors to follow up that triumphant equation.

On this track, we get a piano and guitar-bound song that sees Cico P singing about his achievement in the business and how he had the option to pound to where he is currently. There have been a ton of difficulties for the duration of his life albeit presently, things are on the rise. It’s a nitwit new track and in the event that you haven’t heard Cico’s music previously, this is a strong passage point.


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