BKTHERULA proceeds with her rising in the rap world with the lively new single “Blue.”

18-year-old Atlanta rapper BKTHERULA has been intriguing fans lately and her come-up has been something to view. Subsequent to dropping a task last year called Nirvana, fans have been looking out for her best course of action and throughout the end of the week, she dropped two new singles including “Satanny” and “Blue.” The last of these two stunt is an entrancing rager that sees BKTHERULA giving hyper stanzas all while thinking often about nothing else except for her cash.

“This one day I woke up feeling so deceived,” BKTHERULA said in an official statement. “I felt crazy and insane. I didn’t have the foggiest idea who to trust, and all I had a consideration for that day was cash and material and how I’m going to get it quick. It’s anything but a decent mindstate to be in constantly, however oddly, disloyalty can be spurring for me.”

The creation and rapping on this track are really great and on the off chance that you presently can’t seem to encounter BKTHERULA’s music, this work ought to be sufficient to make you need to get to know more.

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