Zeina – Teach


Zeina proceeds with a line of single deliveries with the new track.

While it’s been a long time since Zeina’s breakout EP Odd One Out was delivered, fans have been blessed to receive a modest bunch of singles since the delivery. “Educate” marks the ninth single and fills in as a continuation of another imaginative heading for the vocalist.

“Educate” observes from its grouchy and barometrical archetypes “Can’t Trust U” and “Results” with a straightforward beat driven by vocal examples and a growing drum area. Gliding through the unfilled space of the track, Zeina’s exquisite songs engage her sexuality with an assortment of similitudes and symbolism portraying her longings.

The going with video, which debuted last Friday, highlights this strengthening with Zeina herself up front. In the event that the actual melody wasn’t sufficient to persuade you regarding Zeina’s support of female sexual articulation, the video makes certain to sort the message out. Stunningly amassing more than 146,000 perspectives in less than seven days, the video centers around Zeina, her flaring nails, and her staggering certainty.

While there is no information on a lengthy delivery just around the corner, “Educate” and the former rundown of single deliveries are clearly enough to hold fans down meanwhile. In case you’re searching for comparative sounds to drive Summer 2021, look at our R&B SEASON playlist for additional.


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