Westside Boogie – Coochie

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In front of his enormous collection discharge, Westside Boogie reps his Shady associations in his new free-form “Coochie.”

Not long after a speedy diversion in Detroit to turn in his new collection to Eminem for the green light, Westside Boogie has gotten back with one more new pre-game free-form. According to custom, the runtime for “Coochie” is a little under two minutes, yet Boogie figures out how to convey no deficiency of bars over the dim creation.

“The homeboy disclosed to me session a trick he attempting to run back,” he starts, brandishing a Slim Shady shirt to additional rep his devotion. “I ain’t gon lie I somewhat feel like he need Trump back.” The assault proceeds as Boogie savors getting absolutely ill bred, an energy that suits the for the most part contemplative emcee fine and dandy. “Holler Eminem he came to Compton just to save me,” spits Boogie. “Yet, ask my diggers they’ll tell you who truly Shady.”

While it’s muddled with respect to whether Boogie will keep this energy all through his forthcoming collection, it’s surely made for a drawing in rollout. Look at “Coochie” presently, and sound off in case you’re eager to see another collection from the Compton rapper.

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