Slimelife Shawty – Baby Boy

Slimelife Shawty

Slimelife Shawty comes through with his new single “Child Boy,” created by ATL Jacob.

Atlanta rapper Slimelife Shawty has gotten back with his new single “Child Boy,” following up his new “No Brakes” with a melodic and relaxed drop. Taking to a passionate instrumental from ATL Jacob, Shawty sets the stage with a reflection on his excursion up until this point. As he advises it, it hasn’t by and large been a simple one. “Torment all I felt yet crap I’m okay,” he sings. “This aggravation never left however I’ma be okay.”

“I let it be known, I’m the one that did it, seem like I’ve been walkin’ down Bleveland briefly,” he raps, as the subsequent section starts. “However, presently I ride with switchðµs/But I can’t be talkin’ session that type poo, that type crap that sðµnd a ni*ga to the prison.” In a reviving turn, Shawty really carries three refrains to the table, a custom that numerous new age rappers seem to have abandoned. Look at it for yourself now, and sound off in case you’re invigorated for his Better Livin collection to deliver this mid year by means of Alamo Records.

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