MC Bravado – Dirty Thirty

MC Bravado

It’s a battle for your life at 30.

We’re all getting more established, and MC Bravado addresses this strong truth on “Grimy Thirty.” The new single shows up with a music video that takes motivation from the exemplary film Fight Club. In the video, entertainer Jesse O’Neill (Watchmen, Godzilla) stars as Richie, a man who is at his limit after numerous long stretches of battling cultural standards. The awful and entertaining video was coordinated by Nick Palmer.

The instrumental for “Grimy Thirty” is a victorious one, pummeled with energized percussions and crawling synths. MC Bravado allows his stream to mix with the beat, giving his standard unsteady presentation. Stream “Messy Thirty” wherever now and make a point to peep the video. Tell us your opinion beneath.

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