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KILLY tries to maintain his connections mystery on “WHATEVER WE DO.”

KILLY’s lively image of hip-bounce has demonstrated to be a triumphant equation for the Toronto craftsman and keeping in mind that he may not get the standard acknowledgment he merits, there is no rejecting that he makes incredible music. With each new venture, KILLY figures out how to carry steady bangers to the table and his most recent exertion KILLSTREAK 2 is no special case for that standard. There is a ton to like about this collection, including the track “WHATEVER WE DO,” which goes down the relationship course.

The Toronto craftsman has consistently been known for picking extraordinary beats and “WHATEVER WE DO” is one more illustration of that. The driving creation takes into consideration KILLY to do his thing and he commits no error because of some interesting streams and tight verses. With this track, KILLY talks on a relationship that he needs to leave hidden. It has a “whatever occurs in Vegas, stays in Vegas” vibe, prompting another idiot track.


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