DMX Feat. Alicia Keys – Hold Me Down

Image via DMX

DMX and Alicia Keys give fantastic exhibitions on the moving “Hold Me Down.”

DMX confronted numerous difficulties for the duration of his life and he was never terrified to discuss them on his records. His aggravation and really assisted individuals with reverberating his music and since his passing, an enormous opening has been left in the hip-jump world. On Friday, fans were given X’s first post mortem collection, Exodus, and it’s reasonable the craftsman put his entire being into this task before his passing. One of the more sincerely determined melodies on here is “Hold Me Down” with Alicia Keys, which sees the two specialists offering roused exhibitions.

All through the tune, DMX raps about his life and exactly how troublesome things have been for him. He even discussions about God and how the ruler can lift him out of gloom and higher than ever. In the mean time, Keys conveys taking off vocals on the snare that have a grand quality to them. Concerning the creation, hefty drums and wonderful piano lines really carry the track to another level.

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