Alonestar Feat. Lil Wayne – Cookin’ Up

Alonestar/ Urban Angel Records

Pay attention to new Lil Wayne x Alonestar called “Cookin’ Up.”

In the wake of inking another record bargain recently, rising UK craftsman and supposed cousin of Ed Sheeran, Alonestar, otherwise known as Jethro Sheeran, chooses to come through today and make his introduction on the site because of his new single with Lil Wayne called “Cookin’ Up.”

“That is correct what your cook game like mama? fuck up the work and get that snare left right mama” – Lil Wayne rehashes on the ensemble, while Alonestar flaunts his various streams and handles the stanzas. Weezy does set out some auto-tune bound verses, referring to blocks and Hollygroove simultaneously, yet this is more about the prologue to Alonestar than anything.

Take a tune in and let us know your opinion. Search for another tune from Alonestar and Snoop Dogg to hit the web one month from now called “Canine Bite.”

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