88GLAM – Wockstar

Image via 88GLAM

88GLAM never baffles with regards to making appealing melodies.

88GLAM have made considerable progress since their hit melody “Bali” in 2017. Derek Wise and 88 Camino have advanced with each new task and you can tell that they have a ton of science with regards to their music. They complete one another well, and this science is on full presentation in their pristine 3-track EP called “Paradise Can Wait.” While each of the three melodies are dope by their own doing, many have inclined toward “Wockstar” which ends up being a gluttonous story of medications, ladies, and cash.

In common 88GLAM style, this track has a laid-back energy to it as we get an instrumental with tight drums and some slick little guitar lines behind the scenes. From that point, Derek Wise opens up the melody with a reasonable notice about the risks of adoration. When taking a gander at the verses, one could suggest the viewpoint that this is just an allegory for drugs, particularly when you think about the title of the track. 88 Camino offers a similarly convincing presentation, which is normal from the couple, now.

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