88GLAM – Five Stars

Image via 88GLAM

88GLAM come through with the ideal party track on “Five Stars.”

Since the time their breakout hit “Bali,” 88GLAM has demonstrated to be amazingly steady throughout the long term. Derek Wise and 88 Camino have amazing science and the two of them have exceptional enough voices to separate themselves on each track. As of late, the two united for a 3-track EP called “Paradise Can Wait” and as many fans have noticed, each and every melody is a banger. Maybe the best track here is “Five Stars” which will unquestionably be heard at a huge load of gatherings this late spring.

This new melody has a wavy snare beat for certain strings sprinkled all through. This makes a one of a kind environment that permits Wise and Camino to flourish. The two craftsmen offer up some melodic refrains all while displaying their science and riding the beat consummately. Generally, it’s one more dope 88GLAM tune that will unquestionably get their fanbase energized for a more drawn out project.


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