The Weeknd – Take My Breath


The music video was as of late pulled from IMAX theaters over its utilization of strobe lights.

We’re entering another season for The Weeknd discharges and the Canadian symbol starts things off with “Take My Breath.” He originally reviewed the track recently during the Olympics, and subsequent to experiencing a mishap when IMAX theaters pulled the clasp because of “extraordinary strobe lighting,” the track shows up with the disputable music video.

The Weeknd’s After Hours keeps on accumulating achievement long get-togethers 2020 delivery and its imaginative, dark peered toward endeavors, yet he appears to have dumped his unique red coat for another fit. In a new cover include for GQ, the artist talked about defining that fine boundary between his genuine self and his diversion persona.

“My fans don’t consider me The Weeknd. They simply call me Abel,” he said. “It’s something precarious, however I think the name The Weeknd holds such a heritage at this moment. The narrative of that name isn’t done at this point.” Stream “Take My Breath” and offer your contemplations.

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