Nas Feat. Lauryn Hil – Nobody (lProduced by Hit-Boy)


They made an exemplary with “On the off chance that I Ruled the World” and they meet up by and by for a track that should be heard.

In the mid year of 1996, Nas and Lauryn Hill brought us down an expressive excursion as they met up to portray what they would do in case they were in control. “On the off chance that I Ruled the World (Imagine That)” is a genuine Hip Hop exemplary that addresses the ills of minimized networks and political issues that have tormented the disappointed, and keeping in mind that that joint effort keeps on being a top pick, the two craftsmen have rejoined for what ought to be another hit.

On Friday (August 6), Nas shared King’s Disease II, a collection he delivered close by Hit-Boy, and very quickly after it was delivered, Lauryn Hill started moving via online media stages. Nas and Hill met up indeed, this time on “No one,” a smooth banger where the Miseducation symbol drops bars that have fans asking for her to deliver another collection.

Nas and Lauryn Hill hit the imprint with this one, so stream”Nobody” and offer your musings.

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