Lila Iké – Batty Rider Shorts


Lila Iké gets back with an amazing new single in her first delivery since 2020’s “The ExPerience.”

Lila Iké has been perhaps the most encouraging demonstrations in Jamaica in the previous few years. However an assortment of singles moved her towards boundless praise, it was the arrival of her 2020 task The ExPerience that acquired her selections at the MOBOs and places of a long term end records.

However Lila hasn’t delivered any new music since she dropped her five-melody EP, she returned this previous end of the week with her most recent contribution, “Wacko Rider Shorts.” The reggae craftsman’s new single gloats an unbelievably amazing message requiring the insurance of youngsters against sexual stalkers. In an explanation, Lila clarified that the tune was four years really taking shape.

“This melody was enlivened by a circumstance I saw inside my local area,” she wrote.”An honest kid (age 10 or somewhere in the vicinity) who I would regularly sit and talk with about existence and give inspirational statements (even while I was a kid myself ) in the end was exploited by somebody who ought to have been paying special mind to her. I was moved to tears on my drive back from the nation as I contemplated how her light became invaded by the dull energies that are drifting over youngsters regular, everywhere.”

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