MoneyBagg Yo – Rookie Of The Year

CMG/N-Less/Interscope Records

Moneybagg Yo makes his central goal clear on his new single “Tenderfoot of the Year.”

Moneybagg Yo is a long way from a freshman in the rap game however he’s inclination as revived as an adolescent, gladly putting on his Memphis Grizzlies pullover for his shiny new single “Youngster of the Year.”

Perhaps the most predictable specialists across all classes, the affirmed speaker has returned only weeks in the wake of delivering his new collection A Gangsta’s Pain, dropping a new single called “Youngster of the Year.” While the record depends on his own new successes in the rap game, he utilizes Grizzlies star Ja Morant to commute home his point, advertisement libbing the hotshot’s name on various events and showing affection to the rising star. The single comes only a couple days before Morant drops his new narrative Promise Land.

Moneybagg Yo has been hitting distinctively the entire year. In case you’re feeling this new record, make certain to look at his most recent collection here.

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