Lupe Fiasco – Teach A Man To Fish

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Lupe Fiasco packs genuine bars into one-and-a-half-minute free-form on “Help A Man To Fish.”

However it’s unreasonable to look at all of Lupe’s new drops through the viewpoint of his new brush with Royce Da 5’9″, yet maybe the tip top lyricist is unyieldingly urging his previous co-have into a second round. Following the consecutive arrival of “Repo Pe and SBA Lu,” which discovered Lupe taking part in a competing meeting with himself, he has by and by got back with another new drop.

“Help A Man To Fish” is the most recent in a line of Lupe tracks, with this one in especially catching a refreshingly nostalgic mixtape soul. From the moment he starts rapping, it’s unmistakable the plans he’s setting up are in front of the pack. “Same teeth since I was two, I don’t care for the meat so we should meet behind the moon, my ability level build,” he raps. “I think I used to smell like the road behind the zoo/then, at that point everything began to sink like a break inside a journey.”

Intelligence is something that not all rappers have, and Lupe is effectively top of his group. Look no farther than the previously mentioned lines. Child teeth would battle biting meat, subsequently his aversion for hamburger – and check the risqué remark segue of meet and meat. What’s more, that is just one of numerous bars on “Encourage A Man To Fish.” Check it out for yourself now.

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