Denzel Curry Feat. PlayThatBoiZay – Bad Luck

2021 Loma Vista Recordings

Denzel Curry and PlayThatBoiZay go full Death-Metal on the forceful new two part harmony “Misfortune.”

Denzel Curry has never been one to avoid exciting music, having recently intrigued with a serious front of Rage Against The Machine’s “Bulls On Parade.” Now, he’s taking it farther than any time in recent memory, collaborating with PlayThatBoiZay for “Misfortune,” a mistreating remove the Dark Nights: Death Metal Soundtrack, which draws motivation from the forthcoming DC comic series.

Maybe properly, Denzel focuses on the passing metal style for this one, stretching his voice to the edge as he and PlayThatBoiZay shout and screeches over chugging misshaped guitars. A long ways from Zel’s average hip-jump interpretations, it’s conceivable that this one might demonstrate distancing to a few – however it likewise features an obviously remarkable aspect of Denzel’s masterfulness, also an adaptability that could justify further investigation.

Look at the Death Metal-motivated “Misfortune” presently, and sound off in case you’re into this new solid from Denzel Curry.

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