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Emotional/metal rapper Zillakami goes full stone in “Chilly”

Zillakami has made his name in the rap game with his substantial, practically metal-like vocal tone and streams. In the time of Juice Wrld’s and Xxxtentacion’s, Zillakami stayed one of the soonest and most innovative individual from the emotional rap wave. Late deliveries like his “Boss” coordinated effort with Lil Uzi Vert pointed towards a continuation of the mark sound. In any case, it appears to be that the New York rapper is driving this sound further in his latest single, “Chilly”.

“Chilly” is undoubtedly an undeniable emotional stone melody. With a twisted guitar lead and dynamic drums not impacted by trap designs, “Chilly” could without much of a stretch wind up in the playlists of mid-2000’s pop-punk works of art. The verses take action accordingly, with topics encompassing misery, medications, and shock.

Zillakami’s normally stressed and shouting vocal enunciations are subbed in the new delivery with a more serious and calm vocal tone. This appears to be a decent innovative decision for the craftsman, whose brutal voice frequently kept him away from the standard achievement of his peers.

Look at the music video underneath:

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