Wale Feat. Chris Brown – Angles [Club Mix]

Warner Records Inc.

This new club blend will be difficult to miss this Summer.

Chris Brown has lined club playlists for three Summer’s in succession now with coordinated efforts like “No Guidance” with Drake and “Go Off the deep end” with Young Thug. The R&B vocalist’s latest Summer hit accompanied Wale’s June track “Points”, one of Wale’s best deliveries in years. With a fun beat, “Points” was at that point appropriate for settings and clubs. Nonetheless, with the minor changes made to the tune with the new “Points” (highlighting Chris Brown)- [Club Mix], the track will be difficult to keep away from on evenings out this Summer.

As is custom, Chris Brown takes on the snare with his smooth voice and vibey harmonies. His tunes consistently appear to stay sufficiently complex to keep relaxed audience members intrigued while infectious enough for clubgoers to effectively chime in. At the very least, his rehashed refrains of “I can’t tame you” in “Points” are effective in this class.

Ridge assumes control over the sections with an easygoing stream as he proceeds with Brown’s request of another sweetheart. Over the straightforward yet effervescent beat, Wale raps gradually about dribbling his young lady out and giving her the world.

Look at the track underneath:

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