Tion Wayne – Wow

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North London phenom Tion Wayne sets a fire on the combustible new single “Goodness.”

Following the arrival of he and Russ Millions’ hit “Body,” which proceeded to start a Jack Harlow-helped remix, North London’s Tion Wayne has kept on causing ripple effects with the new single “Goodness.” Fueled by the creation work of CZR Beats and Pxtrik, who evoke a vivacious drill banger filled by a hacked and prepared vocal example, Tion burns through brief period in setting up verifiable charm.

“I don’t give a screw at the present time, at this moment, why everyone judge like Simon Cowell?” he raps, getting a smooth pocket in the track’s sure chorale. “Pull up on my IG, secret/But you don’t care for me, suck your mutha.” Pairing his unmistakable slang with smart zingers, Tion’s exhibition on “Amazing” ought to go far in setting up him as one to pay special mind to. Obviously, he’s as of now established a damnation of a connection, and it ought to be fascinating to see where he goes from here.

Meanwhile, look at “Goodness” presently, and sound off on the off chance that you like what Tion Wayne is bringing to the table.

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