Stove God Cooks – Run It Up

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Oven God Cooks sticks to what he knows best on “Run It Up”

Syracuse, New York rapper Stove God Cooks’ vocation has been ok the previous two years. However he just joined real time features last year, his 2020 full-length debut Reasonable Drought got positive surveys from conspicuous music distributions and has been coursing among underground circles. Through various later singles dropped for the current year, the rapper is endeavoring to broaden the force 2020 managed the cost of him. “Run It Up”, his latest delivery, is by all accounts one more aiding of Stove God Cooks’ dirty and Pusha-T-suggestive style.

To arrange Stove God Cooks’ style as “legacy: would be half-right. While the instrumentation on “Run It Up” appears to be suggestive of the pre-trap time (think Joey Bada$$’s 1999), the rapper carries a contemporary energy and way to deal with the beat. His streams are profoundly suggestive of Pusha T’s unique rhythms and frequently contain comparative expressive matter, however they’re commended by Stove God Cook’s piercing and regularly unpredictable vocal emphases. In this style, the rapper directs forcefully the entirety of his achievements while adhering to a topic of delivering/sneaking medications.

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