OMB Peezy – Lefty

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OMB Peezy considers his successes and misfortunes on “Lefty.”

Portable, Alabama’s own OMB Peezy has been persistently hustling after a long time after week with new music for his fans. At times, they’re selective to his YouTube page yet the plenitude of music has left fans fulfilled since the arrival of Too Deep For Tears recently. The rapper’s capacity to adjust between invigorating road rap over rankling creation and agony initiating ditties has exhibited exactly how flexible he could be. All things considered, he’s yet to leave an imprint in the rap game on a significant level.

This week, the rapper got back with a shiny new loosie named, “Lefty.” Leaning towards the melodic side, the rapper considers no surprises connections and moving through the roads. “Stomach hurts and weapon blazin’, it’s amazin’ that I made it/How could I race to you when you runnin’ away? You believe I’m ‘session to pursue it?” he raps over throbbing 808s and melancholic piano harmonies.

Peep the most recent from OMB Peezy underneath.

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