NAO – And Then Life Was Beautiful

Little Tokyo Recordings Limited under exclusive license to Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

“And afterward Life Was Beautiful” is the fourth single for Nao’s impending collection of a similar name.

Grammy designated artist Nao holds the entirety of the honors of a prepared R&B veteran at just 33 years of age. However she just started delivering solo music in 2014, the two collections she’s put out from that point forward have gotten boundless basic approval and a large number of streams. As her third collection’s September 24th delivery date adjusts the corner, Nao is spreading energy on the collection’s fourth single “And afterward Life Was Beautiful”.

Obviously the COVID-19 pandemic was a difficult stretch for the UK artist, and she’s expecting to help other people who are battling on this new delivery. The track opens with “Change came like a tropical storm/2020 hit us in an unexpected way/And despite the fact that I didn’t need it/This previous lifestyle took a few to get back some composure of me” as Nao depicts the misery welcomed on by isolate. While the stanzas of the tune go about as more obscure portrayals of pandemic life, the ensemble is really a development of light. Praised by a beat drop and taking off vocal harmonies, Nao pulls together on wellbeing and a post-pandemic world with redundancy of “And afterward Life Was Beautiful.”

Nao radiates further intelligence on the scaffold of the melody, which discovers her encouraging audience members to pause and inhale on occasion and like what you have.

And afterward Life Was Beautiful is set to deliver on September 24th


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