HRSMN – Believer/False Profits

Fat Beats Records

Following twenty monotonous years, the HRSMN have prepared for their “Last Ride,” prodding the end times to accompany “Adherent/False Profits.”

There were numerous who figured this day could never come. Similar as inside the genuine Book Of Revelations, the appearance of the Four Horsemen can just flag a certain something – the end times is near. Also, presently, hip-jump’s own HRSMN have come through to leave a no man’s land afterward, with Ras Kass (Pestilence), Killah Priest (Death), Canibus (War), and Kurupt (Famine) driving the rough charge. Having as of late declared their spic and span collection The Last Ride, due for discharge on June eighteenth, the quarter has come through to disclose the tracklist and offer the initial two singles “Adherent/False Profits.”

True to form, the bars are abundant. Over a contemptible hymn, each of the four of the Horsemen hold it down with savage sections, demonstrating that their swords stay sharp paying little mind to the stand by time. However “Devotee” presents a more fight prepared methodology, “Bogus Profits” is more thoughtful in nature, stripping away the drums and giving sufficient space for Killah Preist to let fly a salvo of bars.

Look at the full tracklist underneath, and search for The Last Ride to arrive on June eighteenth. It is safe to say that you are energized for the primary legitimate studio collection from the HRSMN?

1. Sintro
2. Centaurs
3. This Shit Right Here
4. Champion feat. Planet Asia, Chino XL, Blakkamore
5. Morticians
6. One Second feat. Hus Kingpin
7. Love N War feat. Kia Jefferies
8. Believer cuts by inDJnous
9. False Profits
10. Apocalips now feat. Dina Rae
11. Impossible
12. Burger King feat. Phil D Agony, El Gant, Al Tejeda, Fokis
13. Last Ride
14. (Vinyl Bonus) Ride On feat. Tragedy Khadafi


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