EST Gee – Bigger Than Life Or Death

2021 CMG

EST Gee benefits as much as possible from his brief however hard-hitting new single “Greater Than Life Or Death.”

Tunes might be getting more limited and more limited all things considered, however this isn’t to imply that they’re deficient with regards to power. Today, EST Gee has come through to drop off his new single “Greater Than Life Or Death,” which times in at a little under two minutes. Off the top, it’s unmistakable he’s not tied in with nothing to do, getting right to business with a braggadocious opening stanza.

“Round here it cost six figures to get the compensation tag,” he spits. “With a bitch who say she the realest however she got phony ass/I pop this load of advantages, when I don’t it’ll fill my heart with joy awful.” As the track advances, Gee changes around the stream, preparing a steady plan over a climatic synth string. “N***as improved way to play the lottery than playing with us,” he muses. “Faking intense I challenged his false front/set the trap, kill the wolf/your assessment don’t mean nothin’, you ain’t never sling with us.”

Look at “Greater Than Life Of Death,” which positively benefits as much as possible from its runtime, here.


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