Tha Eastsidaz – Hood Creeps Out At Night

Image via YouTube

Sneak Dogg, Goldie Loc, and Tray Dee rejoin as Tha Eastsidaz for creepy west coast banger “Hood Creeps Out At Night.”

Sneak Dogg, Goldie Loc, and Tray Dee – referred to all things considered as Tha Eastsidaz – have rejoined to convey the fun new West Coast hymn “Hood Creeps Out At Night.” Set to show up on the soundtrack to the impending film The House Next Door: Meet the Blacks 2, this creepy interpretation of the Whodini exemplary ought to right away start a rush of wistfulness in any West Coast fan.

However the tune feels firmly low-stakes, reasonable given its arrangement on a repulsiveness satire soundtrack, it’s as yet amusing to see Snoop, Tray, and Goldie by and by repping Tha Eastsidaz group. It’s surely been a moment since we’ve heard from the threesome, who appear to delight in the chance to take part in some gentle horrorcore, a tasteful reinforced by the shocking and devilish video.

Make certain to look at the new Eastsidaz track at the present time, and sound off in the remarks beneath. Should you be keen on seeing the film from whence it came, look at The House Next Door: Meet The Blacks 2, authoritatively out today.

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