IDK – Peloton

2021 Clue No Clue

IDK handles the problem of affection and poses the extreme inquiries on his melodic new single “Peloton.”

IDK has come through to convey another single “Peloton,” proceeding with his dash of great and elaborately different loosies. However surely equipped for spitting bars when the event calls for it, IDK likewise realizes when to pull back and reflect. “Peloton” is one such event, as IDK shares his side of a relationship adventure, bearing his heart and displaying some melodic cleaves on the confession booth single.

Handling counsel from all corners – “My mom advised me ‘Deal with her like a woman’/My ni*ga say ‘Deal with her like a thot'” – IDK searches internally for an end. He continues to channel 50 Cent on “21 Questions,” hitting his potential love interest with some obvious head-scratchers. “Imagine a scenario where they consider you a bitch and you take a gander at me, And I say, “Stunt, I am not your security”?” he inquires. “Like, what might you think? Would you be in shock or not flicker?”

Look at the melodic new track from “IDK” presently, and show some affection in the remarks beneath.


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