French Montana – FWMGAB (Fuck With Me Get A Bag)

French Montana

Diddy recently considered the track the “tune of the late spring.”

Since tidying up his way of life and receiving a better method of living, French Montana hasn’t eased back down. The rapper has as of late been spotted on the arrangement of National Champions, a film where he depicts himself, and there have even been bits of hearsay that he’s been in the studio with his “No Stylist” partner Drake. For his most recent single “FWMGAB (F*ck With Me Get a Bag),” Montana has rampaged of New York and shared sneak peaks of the track’s music video that incorporate bringing a stripper shaft to the square.

“THIS IS HOW I BEEN TESTING OUT HIT RECORDS,” the rapper wrote in the subtitle to one of his recordings. Indeed, even before the tune was delivered, French Montana was getting acclaim from Diddy. “We make hits. We been making hits all you all lives,” said Diddy in an Instagram video. “Your entire lives, since the time you all been conceived. Indeed, even before you were considered, we been making hits. What’s more, we not gone stop this late spring, okay?” He then, at that point called “FWMGAB” the “tune of the late spring.”

We’ll allow you to choose if you concur, so stream “FWMGAB” and let us know your opinion.

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