RJ Payne Feat. Redman – Blood Everywhere

RJ Payne

RJ Payne and Redman carry Leatherface power to creepy Cartune Beatz creation on “Blood Everywhere.”

Philly emcee RJ Payne is firing up the trimming tool following his new mixtape Leatherface 3: There Will Be Blood, and today the bar-throwing slasher has come through to release a forthcoming cut from the undertaking, collaborating with the incredible Redman and best in class maker Cartune Beatz for “Blood Everywhere.”

As one would expect given Payne’s Leatherface change inner self, there’s a dim and messy stylish to be found all through; in that sense, it’s like the visuals of the first Texas Chainsaw Massacre, effectively one of the rawest thrillers at any point made. Following his champion work on Lloyd Banks’ COTI, Cartune keeps it moving behind the sheets while Redman kicks things off with the snare. However Reggie is truly utilized sparingly – it would have been ideal to hear him bodying the creepy beat – RJ Payne more than compensates for it with a savage section, baiting you more profound into his feeble house prior to hanging your body on the meathook.

Look at “Blood Everywhere” presently, and make certain to look at RJ Payne’s new mixtape Leatherface 3: There Will Be Blood.

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