Rizzoo Rizzoo Feat. Stunna 4 Vegas – Learn From Boosie


Rizzoo and Stunna 4 Vegas drop their new cooperation.

Boosie Badazz has lived quite a life for somebody who’s just 38 years of age. He beat a homicide accusation, was condemned to jail during the tallness of his profession, had chance, and keeps on keeping a grin all over and the essences of his fans across the world, all while staying as strong as could be expected.

Today, Rizzoo and Stunna 4 Vegas share a shiny new single praising the exercises they’ve gained from Boosie throughout the long term. “Gain From Boosie” is an inauspicious banger that has the two rappers pondering experiencing childhood in destitution, conquering the chances, and remaining consistent with the code. “I gained from Boosie we don’t talk ‘session it until it’s done/I piled up that bread for all them evenings when it was morsels,” Rizzoo raps on the record. Stunna 4 Vegas comes through with his ordinary high energy, however he diminishes his degrees of power contrasted with regular.

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