RiFF RAFF – Silhouette Of The Pinnacle


RiFF RAFF is as yet on the 80s pop wave with his new single.

RiFF RAFF is as yet dynamic in these roads, regardless of the turbulent few years he’s had. The rapper’s managed some legitimate issues that have since been cleared and evidently, is making a decent attempt to start off his big name boxing profession. Simply this week, he got down on Ebro with trusts that he would see him in the ring.

Concerning his music, RiFF RAFF has apparently gone through a rebranding of sorts loaded up with sentimentality. His most recent single, “Outline Of The Pinnacle” is a 80s pop ditty introduced by DJ Whoo Kid. Normally humorous, the video is definitely more suggestive of his change personality Dale Dan Tony than the erratic bars he used to present.

In any case, “Outline Of The Pinnacle” is an engaging new delivery from Jody Highroller.

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