Queen Naija – Marvins Room (Amazon Original)

Queen Naija/

Amazon Music’s Black Music Month programming proceeds with a unique front of “Marvins Room” by Queen Naija.

Notwithstanding her recently delivered “Bed Friend” single with Jacquees, Queen Naija has all the more new music available for her fans this week. Today, the R&B sensation has additionally shared her Amazon Original front of “Marvins Room,” which is accessible only on Amazon Music.

Maybe than a straight-up front of Drake’s exemplary 2011 tune, notwithstanding, the missunderstood craftsman chose to put her own twist on the ageless record by adding her own verses to the tune’s unique song.

“This front of Drake’s ‘Marvins Room’ was dope to do in light of the fact that it was somewhat of a return to the mid 2010s,” Queen Naija says, “and I love bringing the nostalgic feels. I needed to do it according to a female point of view – trust you folks appreciate it!”

How would you think Queen Naija’s interpretation of “Marvins Room” piles facing Drake’s unique variant?

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