Migos Feat. Justin Bieber – What You See


The track is pulled from Migos’ most recent delivery, “Culture III.” What do you think about the collection up until this point?

Hip Hop fans have been adulating and investigating Culture III for the majority of 24 hours since it dropped, and Migos are amped up for the reactions. The task has been extolled by different specialists in the Rap business, including Jay-Z who supposedly messaged his musings to Quavo. Hov clearly thought “Torrential slide” was a “lovely” tune and saluted Quavo on Culture III’s delivery. Obviously, the Atlanta rapper shared a screen capture of the short trade on the web.

On Culture III, Migos added a couple of mark highlights from specialists like Drake and Cardi B, however another fan most loved was “What You See” including Justin Bieber. This is a gathering for Quavo and Bieber who broadly teamed up on “Expectations” last year and back in 2017, they showed up together on DJ Khaled’s “I’m The One” alongside Chance The Rapper.

“What You See” discovers every one of the men spitting verses to their women, hardening their responsibility while demanding that they shouldn’t question their adoration. Stream “What You See” and let us know your opinion.

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