M1LLIONZ – Bando Spot


“Candy Shop” yet make it drill.

Sentimentality is noticeable all around whenever a track from 50 Cent gets inspected. As the rapper-turned-TV leader puts his attention on his Hollywood undertakings, new specialists have been giving proper respect to Fif by interjecting or inspecting his records and acquainting these melodies with another age.

UK rapper M1llionz has been rising with every single delivery. His most recent contribution, “Bando Spot” puts a drill flip on the Olivia-helped, “Treats Shop.” Honeywoodsix and Jevon put a vile twist on their example of 50 Cent’s record while M1llionz follows the tune’s plan for the snare. “I’ll take you to the bando shop/I’ll let you lick the business I got,” raps M1llionz through his dull conveyance.

M1llionz has been turning out to be one of the greatest new craftsmen out of the UK and his most recent delivery can possibly truly acquaint him with a global segment.

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