Lupe Fiasco – Repo Pe / SBA Lu

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Lupe Fiasco keeps on spurring his old amigo Royce Da 5’9″ with a couple of new freestyles.

We’ve seen endless rap fights go back and forth, however only sometimes does an emcee move forward to take up arms against himself. However unmistakably, Lupe Fiasco is an uncommon variety of emcee, one whose inventiveness fundamentally knows no limits. However he was momentarily on the incline of battle with his previous digital recording co-have Royce Da 5’9″, apparently Lu’s “Steve Jobs” was the last shot. Clearly, Nickel would not like to raise the circumstance any further, passing on Lu to examine his best course of action.

With his blood actually bubbling for the fight to come, Lupe picked to do the following best thing – track down an adversary willing to go head to head with him. Also, being that he’s among the most expressively first class and inventive emcees in the game, the yield of potential enemies is somewhat dainty. Along these lines, the lone obvious end result was to continue to shoot shots until someone adapts to the situation.

Last evening, Lupe dropped off two new freestyles, “Repo Pe” and “SBA Lu.” Though some initially estimated that “Repo Pe” was focused on Royce, it before long turned out to be certain that Lupe was really competing with himself, dropping off “SBA” as a rejoinder. Saying this doesn’t imply that there are certainly not a couple of Nickle pokes to be found – however being that it’s far-fetched that Royce will applaud back on wax, it seems like Lupe is essentially keeping his cutting edges sharp in the event of a crisis.

Regardless, it’s an extraordinary opportunity to be a Fiasco fan at the present time. Look at the pair of freestyles here, and sound off in the event that you think a cycle two among Royce and Lupe is required.


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